Bret Jensen, Biotech Gems

Investors Should Buy This Stock on Any Dip in January (and Beyond)

January 21, 2015

Its discount should narrow in 2015 as the company continues to deliver solid revenue and earnings growth...
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Two Speculative Stocks in 2015′s Hottest Sector

January 15, 2015

Both have market caps under $250 million and are worthy of consideration in a well-diversified biotech and biopharma portfolio...
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These Two Speculative Stocks Look Attractive Right Now

January 7, 2015

They offer big potential to both save lives and earn profits...
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These Two High Risk, High Reward Stocks Are Attractive Right Now

December 30, 2014
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If everything falls right, they could power significantly higher in the upcoming year...
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These Two Speculative Stocks Could Produce Major Returns

December 24, 2014
These Two Speculative Stocks Could Produce Major Returns

They're cash-rich, small cap biotechs offering attractive risk/reward profiles right now…
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These Two Stocks Could Have Substantial Upside

December 16, 2014

Both are speculative drug development plays going for under $5 a share...
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