Author: Tom Gentile, Money Morning

The Fed is Blowing It — What To Focus on Now

Although a recession is looming, corporate layoffs are on the rise and there’s general pessimism regarding an extended period of high inflation, I’m not going to allow it to be my focus. Instead, I’ll focus on things that I can control: patterns that occur in stock and market trends — the kind you can make money from despite the chaos in the news.

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Two Earnings Season Trades to Make Before July 23

Stocks gap at earnings all the time, but what you may not know is regular traders can use these gaps to pull in big profits — big, reliable profits — virtually like clockwork. With this in mind, there are two earnings reports coming up on stocks that have a long history of making these profitable gaps. I’ve done the legwork here, so I’ll run you through what’s happening and list the specific trades to make…

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