Author: Nicolas Vardy, Investment U

Crush the Market With Sector ETFs

I’ve written a lot about how you can consistently beat the market by investing in “smart beta”. As you know, the top smart beta ETFs implement time-tested investment strategies that have beaten the market for decades. These include simple strategies like momentum, value and Dividend Aristocrat investing. Today I want to introduce you to a new way ETFs can help you beat the market…

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An Investment Strategy for Today’s Choppy Markets

This strategy made money every single year over the past five years. But it did so in spite of, and not because of, the raging bull market in U.S. stocks. It’s a strategy that tends to underperform in strong bull markets. So here’s my thinking: If this strategy made money even during a raging bull, when it should have performed poorly… it should perform exceptionally well during choppy (or even bear) markets.

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