Brian Bollinger, Simply Safe Dividends

How Much Do I Need to Retire on Dividends?

Many investors want to know whether or not their individual portfolios can make them financially independent during retirement. In other words, just how much dividend income do you need to live comfortably during your golden years, and how large a portfolio is required? That’s a complicated question, but here’s a basic guide that can help you think through some of the biggest factors.

Should I Use Dividends to Fund RMDs?

Tax-deferred retirement accounts like IRAs and 401(k)s serve as an essential part of most people’s long-term savings plans. While these are powerful tools, they also come with some tax complications after investors reach a certain age due to required minimum distributions, or RMDs. Let’s take a closer look at the complications posed by RMDs, as well as the suitability of using dividend stocks to meet these requirements.