Time to Save My Life, Starting Today

“So how did you lose 100 pounds in just four months?” I asked legendary magician/comedian Penn Jillette last week…

The two of us were waiting to go on stage at our Stansberry Conference Series event in Las Vegas.

“EVERYONE knows HOW to do it,” he told me – almost challenging me. “But NOBODY does it!”

[ad#Google Adsense 336×280-IA]Ouch. Those words stung me…

Later that day, one of our longtime subscribers came up to me and said, “Steve, I’ve got to give you some criticism.” I thought he was going to tell me something bad about our conference.

Instead, he told me, “I haven’t seen you in a couple of years. You don’t look good. You’re fat.”

I appreciate his honesty… I guess.

I don’t feel FAT. But I sure don’t feel GOOD. I need to do something.

Penn is a big guy, like me. He’s 6’7″. I’m 6’4″. So I feel a connection there.

His problems were exactly what you’d expect – high blood pressure, bad knees, and the rest. I can relate.

He told People Magazine: “When you’re feeling as bad as I felt, and you go to feeling as good as I feel, the temptation to go back to doing what you were doing when you felt bad is not very great.”

Now the typical problems of being overweight are gone for him.

I want to be like Penn… I don’t want to be a magician… But I want to feel good again.

I want to make a major life change, quickly. Penn shared a tip or two with me. But I think he has a book in the works on this, so out of respect I don’t want to give those away and steal his thunder. As he said, everyone knows what to do anyway, the problem is doing it.

My biggest problem is that I feel more responsible to other people than to myself… I put my subscribers first… I put my work first… I put my family first. I’m not going to let any of you down.

So where do I put myself on that list? Nowhere, really. And that has landed me where I am today.

I’m asking for your help. I want to be responsible to you – since I’m not good at being responsible to myself.

I’m going to open up with the brutal reality of where I am today. And then I’m going to share my weekly progress with you here in DailyWealth – with just a tiny mention every Monday morning.

Checking in with you every week is my way of being responsible to you. Please, keep me on the program… Ask me how it’s going if you see me… That will help, because I won’t want to tell you I gave up.

Well, here’s my brutal reality today…

Height: 6’4″

Weight: 262 pounds

Body Fat Percentage: 36% (Percentage change over time is more important than the above weight number, as it’s a cheap scale.)

Waist at belly button: You want the truth? Uh, OK. It’s 46.5 inches. (What? Is this tape measure in centimeters or something?)

I’m too embarrassed to show you the “before” picture today… So I’ll share this with you instead… No this isn’t a skeleton in a fat suit… It’s my DEXA Body Composition scan from this summer. In short, there’s a long way to go before you’d see a “six pack.”

I know this isn’t your typical DailyWealth letter… But I’m writing this for two reasons…

  1. I need to save my own life. (Don’t worry, I don’t have any major health issues yet, I just need to change the trajectory I’m on.)
  2. I want to inspire you (or someone you know) to start saving their life today, too.

I am going to be ON IT until Christmas. Christmas is doable, right? We can do that.

Hopefully I can make some real LONG-TERM changes. But for now, I need a shorter-term goal. Christmas seems about right.

I’ll follow Penn Jillette’s lead.

The important thing is just to DO IT. “EVERYONE knows HOW to do it,” he told me, square in the eyes.

He’s absolutely right. Wish me luck.

Best of luck to you as well… Just do it!



Source: Daily Wealth