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Insiders Are Buying These 3 Stocks

April 8, 2016

I already own two of them and I’m going to take a small stake in the third...
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These Four Stocks Offer Growth, Value and Yield

April 2, 2016

I recently picked up shares in one of them for the income part of my portfolio…
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These 3 Stocks Are Deeply Undervalued Right Now

March 31, 2016

They're small caps that currently sell under $10 a share...
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Two Stocks on My “Shopping List” if the Market Heads Down Significantly

March 28, 2016

They're cheap large caps that offer nice dividend yields...
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These 3 Dividend Stocks Offer Both Value and Growth

March 14, 2016
money graph

I own them in bulk and I’ve been adding to them within my own portfolio…
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These 3 Stocks Are Offering Great Value Right Now

February 16, 2016
bargain tag

One is on my radar screen for at least a short-term trade, and the other two are simply too cheap given their forward FFO and price-to-earnings...
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These Four Stocks Should Continue to Do Well

February 15, 2016

I'll continue to add to my core stakes in them on any subsequent dips in the market…
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This Stock Should Be a Core Holding in Every Portfolio

February 7, 2016

It has almost all the traits that one should look for in a true “buy and hold” position…
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These 3 Stocks Have a Great Combination of Value, Growth and Income Right Now

January 28, 2016

They’re offering terrific long-term entry points...
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I’ve Been Buying Shares of These Stocks

January 21, 2016

They're worthy of accumulation by the intrepid investor who has the conviction that this is not 2008 and who has "ammo" to deploy in today's rocky market...
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