We’re into our third week of 2023, and while a few of the usual top New Year’s resolutions of eating healthier, exercising more, and spending less time on social media may have already been broken by now (no judgment), I want to make sure we’re in your corner to keep you on track for your investing goals.

For that, we have our 2023 investing forecast series from our experts:

As part of the outlook, I also answered the question, “If you only had $5,000 to invest for the new year, where would you put it?”

I really enjoyed this particular question because of all the different perspectives our gurus shared, which helps every type of investing personality.

You may decide to follow the investing strategies to a T, put the stocks on a watchlist and see how things play out, or decide that the advice doesn’t fit your investing style or your goals.

No matter what, I hope at the very least that this series has helped keep you informed for the year ahead.

— Keith Kaplan

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Source: TradeSmith