Every stock you see on my calendar below is a stock that I personally own and that is going ex-dividend this month.

Because I own shares before the respective ex-dividend date, I’m entitled to collect the next dividend payment from these companies.

If I buy additional shares on or after the ex-dividend date, I will not collect the next payout from the new shares.

How I Use My Ex-Dividend Calendar to Maximize Income
I primarily use this calendar as a watchlist for new investment ideas.

Because I’m still building out my long-term dividend growth portfolio — I’m investing new money each month — each month I have to decide which specific stocks or funds I’ll be buying next.

I look at ideas from a number of resources and fellow investors, including Mike Nadel, Dave Van Knapp and Jason Fieber. I also look within my own portfolio, as these are companies I’ve already vetted and am familiar with. This is where where my calendar comes in.

If a stock I already own looks undervalued at current prices, and if I’m not already at a full position size, I’ll consider buying more shares. That’s why I say this calendar serves as a “watchlist” for me.

Well, if I decide to buy more shares of a stock I already own, then all else equal, I prefer to buy it before its ex-dividend date in order to capture the extra income. After all, the goal of my dividend growth portfolio is to build a stream of safe, steadily-growing dividends… so any extra dividend payments I can squeeze out of my investments will help maximize my income.

3 Dividend Stocks to Buy Now
All of this said, out of the 40-plus stocks you see on the calendar, there are three in particular that can be considered “buys” at recent prices based on their valuations.

Therefore, these stocks are at the top of my watch list.

They are:

  • Amgen (AMGN)
  • NASDAQ 100 Covered Call ETF (QYLD)
  • Lockheed Martin (LMT)

Amgen (AMGN) goes ex-dividend on November 15, 2021 and has a pay date of December 8, 2021. Back in August, Jason Fieber named Amgen one of his Top 5 Stocks. He also featured Amgen as his Undervalued Dividend Growth Stock of the Week in June and estimated its fair value price to be $262.57. At a recent share price of $208.68, shares appear roughly 20% undervalued right now.

I currently own 156 shares of AMGN in my regular brokerage account. With the stock paying $1.76 per share, I’ll be collecting $274.56 in dividends on December 8.

NASDAQ 100 Covered Call ETF (QYLD) goes ex-dividend on November 22, 2021 and has a pay date of December 1, 2021. Dave Van Knapp just featured QYLD as his Dividend Growth Stock of the Month for October, and concluded that it could be bought whenever shares yield 11%-plus.

Considering the stock is currently yielding 11.4%, now could be a great time to pick up shares. Dave ended up purchasing QYLD at the end of October with part of the proceeds from selling Hasbro (HAS).

I also took advantage of the opportunity and purchased 441 shares of QYLD. Since I bought shares before their ex-dividend date, I’m expecting to collect around $88 on December 1.

Lockheed Martin (LMT) goes ex-dividend on November 30 with a pay date of December 27, 2021. Jason Fieber featured Lockheed Martin as his Undervalued Dividend Growth Stock of the Week in April and estimated its fair value price to be $500.53.

Dave Van Knapp featured the stock as his High-Quality Dividend Growth Stock for April and estimated its fair value at $431 with a max buy of $475. At a recent share price of $331.91, LMT looks between 23% and 34% undervalued.

I currently own 100 shares of LMT in my regular brokerage account. Since the stock is paying $2.80 per share, I’m guaranteed a dividend “paycheck” worth $280 on December 27.

Don’t Miss Out On My Ex-Dividend Calendar for December 2021
I’ll be publishing my Ex-Dividend Calendar for December 2021 in late November / early December. If history is any guide, it will feature another set of quality dividend-paying stocks that are both undervalued and going ex-dividend in the coming month.

As a Dividends and Income subscriber, you’ll be among the first to get my calendar as soon as it’s ready. If you’re not already subscribed, be sure to join our email list by signing up in the sidebar on DividendsAndIncome.com.

Thank you for being here, and talk soon!

— Greg Patrick

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