CuriosityStream (NASDAQ:CURI) rallied throughout May and June, but since early July, CURI stock has plunged. But don’t fret –this downtrend will end soon.

The fundamental flow here is good.

CuriosityStream landed a big partnership with membership-only retail warehouse chain Sam’s Club.

This partnership gives Sam’s Club members access to exclusive deals on CuriosityStream’s award-winning streaming service.

This is a big deal, since Sam’s Club has a massive user base.

CuriosityStream currently has 16 million subscribers. Which compares to Sam’s Club’s near-50 million members. We’re talking about a huge cross-selling opportunity here. Many of Sam’s Club’s members will find Curiosity Stream’s 3,000-plus informational films and shows to be rather enticing.

Curiosity’s VP of Partnership and Distribution is excited to offer “a high-quality entertainment resource for members who want to learn more about the world around them.” This mission to provide inspirational and educational content is what sets apart CuriosityStream from the broader-based streaming platforms. It’s because of this focus that Curiosity will land even more substantial partnerships.

The Bottom Line on CURI Stock

Meanwhile, our channel checks for CuriosityStream are positive.

Web traffic to has been on a steady and healthy uptrend since February. And app download volume has also seen a nice upward trajectory since February.

It appears clear to us that people are increasingly becoming CuriosityStream members, regardless of the CURI stock price.

At the moment, CURI stock is dramatically undervalued. It trades at 8X forward sales, while Roku (NASDAQ:ROKU) trades at a forward sales multiple of 20X.

Buyers of CURI stock’s dip will be rewarded. We see CURI hitting $20 by mid-2022.

— Luke Lango and the InvestorPlace Research Staff

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