7 REITs for Income and Growth

In this video I cover 7 REITs for income and growth that subscribers to the channel asked me to cover. I also talk about the structure of REITs and the best metrics to use to evaluate. The interesting aspect of REITs are that they are liquid real estate. In the video I point out that the advantage of owning real estate over stocks is that real estate is illiquid.

Therefore, real estate in the general sense tends to be held for longer periods of time which allow the investment to bear fruit. In contrast, common stocks are also best when held for long periods of time for the same reason. It takes time for a business to generate the operating results that can eventually reward its owners.

FAST Graphs REIT Portfolio

With all that said, REITs provide the opportunity to own real estate, but they also offer the advantage of being liquid. As I alluded to earlier, liquidity can be both a benefit and/or a disadvantage.

Given the choice, I always preferred liquidity over illiquid investments. On the other hand, I have trained myself over 5 decades to understand the importance of time in the market over timing the market.

In the video I will review Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR), Crown Castle International (CCI), STAG industrial (STAG), VICI Properties (VICI), Physicians Realty Trust (DOC), Healthcare Trust of America (HTA), Omega Healthcare (OHI).

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— Chuck Carnevale

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