How to Find Value Stocks in Today’s Inflated Bull Market

Even though we are in a long-running and very inflated bull market, there are value stocks to be found. In this video I show how finding attractively valued stocks is easy with FAST Graphs.

The key is to understand what value is, how you can calculate it and therefore how you can find it. But just like it is with any job, it is always easier when you have the right tools, and it is even easier when you know how to use them.

Identifying fair value in an inflated stock market is really important, because in all markets, whether bull or bear, it’s my contention you can always find value. As I always say, it’s a market of stocks not a stock market. It doesn’t matter what the overall market is doing, there’s always going to be value.

The question I get a lot, especially from FAST Graphs’ subscribers is – how do I identify value? I think it starts with understanding the essence of valuation. I’ve talked about this quite a bit, I’ve written about it. But what it really comes down to, to find value you’ve got to know what value is and how it works.

FAST Graphs Analyze Out Loud Video

— Chuck Carnevale

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Source: FAST Graphs