I’m writing this to you from on the road!

As we enjoy the final day of our holiday weekend, I wanted to get you ready for the trading week up ahead.

I’m currently sitting at a rest stop, and you know what I tend to do when I’m checking my charts at a rest stop?

I tend to focus on only the easiest trades that are primely positioned for quick profits.

And one of the simplest ways for a trader to make money is by riding volatility.

Remember, volatility is a trader’s best friend.

Which is why I have an entire system dedicated to finding opportunities within volatility.

My proprietary volatility filter system identifies the stocks that are about to make larger-than-usual moves.

And this system also shows me the exact price you should sell these stocks once you buy them.

Today, I found three stocks that are set for a volatility breakout.

Which means right now, we can easily position ourselves for a quick profit.

Here are my top “volatility breakout” stocks of June…

CJ’s Volatility Breakout Stock #1:
MicroVision, Inc. (NASDAQ: MVIS)

This stock was once a crowd favorite, but it has been quiet over the last few weeks.

The volatility we saw in the first half of May kept share prices down.

The drop in price activity has triggered a volatility warning from my proprietary volatility forecasting system and filters.

We’re starting to see an increase in buying volume on the stock, suggesting that the bulls are getting active again.

Target a bullish run to $25.

Friday’s price movement has triggered a volatility breakout that will act as a catalyst for higher prices.

CJ’s Volatility Breakout Stock #2:

Strong technical support from the 20- and 50-day moving averages that reside just below the stock indicate that the stock’s bull trend will continue higher.

Price action has quieted to its lowest levels in two months, and something is brewing as volume is starting to see buying interest.

According to my read, there’s a 70%+ chance that the stock’s daily prices movement will increase dramatically next week.

The technical behind this stock are extremely bullish.

Target a move to $95.

CJ’s Volatility Breakout Stock #3:
Alkermes Plc (NASDAQ: ALKS)

Since April 27, this stock has traded in a tightening range that has reduced its volatility to relatively low readings.

Volatility has been building and there is now a 76% forecast that a fast and aggressive move is going to happen within the next ten trading days.

Two of the last three volatility breakouts have resulted in an average move of 17% over two trading days.

Current technicals show support from the 50-day and 20-day moving average which are both in bullish trends.

Target a price of $26.50.

No matter which direction the market moves, as traders we can make money in either direction.

I hope you were able to recharge your batteries this past holiday weekend because there is a lot of opportunity for us to take advantage of.

So please tune in to my next edition of Straight-Up Profits for even more ways to play current market patterns for big profits.

Until next time,

— Chris Johnson

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