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In today’s market, there are a lot of electric vehicle (EV) and special purpose acquistion company (SPAC) opportunities out there, including DiamondPeak (NASDAQ:DPHC). And few hold a candle to the potential with DiamondPeak stock.

What am I talking about? As a SPAC, or blank-check company, DiamondPeak is in the process of merging with privately held Lordstown Motors. Once complete, the company will take on the Lordstown name, and start trading under ticker symbol RIDE.

If you’ve been following the EV space, you should know there’s ample opportunity with Lordstown.

Its flagship vehicle, the Endurance, will be the first full-size EV pickup for commercial fleets.

But, this is a more than just a potentially game-changing concept.

As seen from its impressive preorder numbers, the Endurance is crushing it right out of the gate.

Add in other factors working in Lordstown’s favor, and it’s clear there’s plenty more runway for shares to head higher.

Sure, Wall Street knows this company’s potential full well. It has bid up shares from around $10 per share, to around $20 per share, since the deal was announced Aug 3. Yet, even at today’s prices, there’s still opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

DiamondPeak Stock, Lordstown, and the Endurance
Many of the recent SPAC merger deals have involved electric vehicle companies. But while the various EV names have varying qualities, this one has already shown itself to have solid prospects.

How so? Well, there’s a unique angle to the Lordstown story. Many budding electric vehicle makers are simply copying what has worked for the established players in the industry. But Lordstown? This company is disrupting a mostly-untouched segment of the automotive market.

I’m talking about full-size EV commercial pickups. Unveiled last June, the Lordstown Endurance is unique in that it’s aiming not to be a flashy status symbol. Instead, it’s aimed to be what CEO Steve Burns called “a functional work truck that gets the equivalent of 75 miles per gallon.”

Simply put, this addresses a major pain point with traditional internal combustion engine work trucks: fuel efficiency. On this factor alone, it makes sense the company has already received over 27,000 pre-orders for the Endurance. Based on the sticker price for the vehicle, Lordstown could be a billion dollar business before the end of 2021.

Sure, you may have some concerns about whether this company can deliver investors’ high expectations. But, unlike some other emerging EV players out there, this company is more than just a concept. With the necessary infrastructure in place, Lordstown is more than ready to bolt right out of the gate.

Why This Emerging EV Name Can Deliver
Can this EV startup live up to high investor expectations? That is to say, can it translate its big ideas into tangible results? Sure, names in this space may fail to deliver. But not Lordstown.

Acquiring a shuttered 6.2 million square foot automotive plant in Ohio, the company has the infrastructure in place to meet expectations. With this massive capacity, Lordstown can scale up with minimal hiccups. In fact, it’s possible the plant could one day produce 600,000 vehicles a year.

In short, it’s a massive opportunity. Yet, while a lesser-known name than its rivals, Wall Street is fully aware this deal’s potential impact on DiamondPeak stock. That’s why shares have nearly doubled since the merger deal was announced.

But, don’t let the recent run-up scare you off. Buying today, even after enthusiasm has bid shares higher, still gives you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Sure, vehicle production isn’t set to begin until next year. A lot could change in the meantime.

Yet, with multiple factors on its side, and the potential to not only meet, but exceed high investor expectations, things are just getting warmed up. And when the deal’s complete, and DPHC becomes RIDE, there’s a good chance tomorrow’s share price will make today’s valuation look “cheap” in hindsight.

Don’t Split Hairs—Get In Early Before The Lordstown Merger Wraps Up
2020 has brought investors many winning SPAC and/or EV opportunities. But in a wide field, DiamondPeak stands out as one of the best plays out there. With its merger partner, Lordstown, sitting in the catbird’s seat with a killer concept (commercial fleet EV pickups), and the means to bring said idea to reality, the runway remains long, and the prospects are bright.

Don’t split hairs over the recent run-up in shares. Get in on the ground floor, and buy DiamondPeak stock before its game-changing merger is complete.

— Matt McCall and the InvestorPlace Research Staff

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