3 Key Tactics to Safeguard AND Grow Your Money Moving into 2019

This week I want to talk about what’s going on in the broader financial markets, and what you can do about it to safeguard AND grow your money.

Obviously, conditions are dicey.

That doesn’t mean they are beyond hope, though.

Today we’re going to talk about three key moneymaking moves you’ll want to put in place immediately – all of which are intended to help you protect AND grow your money.

Get this right and you’ll never suffer the ravages of a bear market again!

— Keith Fitz-Gerald

30 years ago, back when this Atlanta hardware store had only 4 locations, a clerk proposed a brilliant solution to the store’s biggest issue... not being able to project future sales and inventory needs. Within two years from that day, the store had opened 100 new locations. But the employee didn’t stop with predicting store demand, he used the same principles and applied it to the stock market. Based on 10 years of data, this strategy gives you the chance to circle a date on a calendar and know, with at least 90% certainty, you could cash in on that day.

Source: Money Morning