This Alternative Income Idea Could Pay You an Extra $45-Plus Per Day

Dividends aren’t the only way to generate alternative income.

There are scores of “side hustle” opportunities that could put cash in your pocket as early as this weekend.

One of our favorites? Consider cashing in on the Airbnb rental income craze.

The good news is, you don’t need a mansion or several properties to earn money on Airbnb.

With a little creativity and effort, you can start renting out a space on Airbnb and start generating some extra cash almost immediately.

And it can be fun too!

Just check out some of the unusual Airbnb experiences a few creative hosts are offering right now to pull in an extra $45-plus per night:

Source: Airbnb

Ultimate Tipi Experience – $1,530 per night

Take advantage of local events like this renter who put together Tipis so he can take advantage of local music festivals happening in his area.

Glamping is a growing trend with millennials – where nature meets modern luxury, a great way to experience a unique accommodation with an amazing natural background.

What you would need if you want to pull this off:

• Tipis

• Mattress with good sheets

• Fluffy pillows

• Fancy-looking lamp and some amenities like soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer, and tissue pocket packs

Airplane House – $45 per night

Not everyone has an airplane available in their backyard but if you happen to have access to one, spruce it up for a unique experience a lot of people would want to try.

Source: Airbnb

If you have time for a personal project like this, the returns could be big as there’s always a market for places that are unique, artistic, creative, and funky.

What you would need if you want to pull this off:

• Airplane

• Simple square room

• Mattress and pillows

• Artistic decorations (like painting on walls, ceilings, floors, and other funky items that can decorate the room)

Schoolbus in the Woods – $62 per night

Source: Airbnb

Rustic and comfortable living is what you can offer with a schoolbus in the woods.

Key here is making sure you pick a nice location that your renters can appreciate – a nearby river they can trek on?

A quiet oasis to relax in the middle of nowhere?

What you would need if you want to pull this off:

• Customized bus in a good wood-y location

• Warm, comfy bed and pillows

• Access to kitchen amenities: small stove/grill, basic utensils

Star Wars Suite – $59 per night

Source: Airbnb

If you have a room with all your toys and collectibles, why don’t you consider renting out the space?

Sure you might be a little bit wary to let strangers in, but with security measures in place you can definitely enjoy some extra cash sharing what you love with others.

What you would need if you want to pull this off:

• Room with a big personality or theme

• Comfy bed and pillows

• Personalized touch in line with the theme of the room

Next Steps

These are just some initial ideas to start with. Don’t hesitate to create unique unusual places or even just rent out an extra room that you have in your apartment.

Any space you have can be turned into someone’s unique experience or the right place that someone would need.

It’s easy and simple to start making an extra $45-plus per night, so why not consider listing your space on Airbnb?

— Chie Yu

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