How to Buy Common Stock

Getting into investing can be stressful at first. You have so many choices of assets, services and strategies. And the thick jargon of the financial world doesn’t make matters easier. But you shouldn’t let that dissuade you from learning how to buy a common stock.

In truth, investing is like any skill… it just takes a little getting used to. Once you’ve gone through the motions of planning, buying and selling a few times, it’ll start to feel more intuitive.

That’s precisely why we created this video series.

Consider it your “first step” as an investor (or a helpful recap if you’re feeling rusty).

It’ll take you through the bare necessities of buying a common stock.

In just a few short minutes, our Senior Research Analyst Ryan Fitzwater shows you every step of the process – from accessing an online broker’s website to submitting your buy order.

We hope this tutorial helps you become a more knowledgeable investor. Really, it all starts with buying common stock. Now, when you’re ready to buy on your own, the process will be familiar to you.


Source: Investment U