“The Federal Reserve believes that it is managing a reversible process… [but] it is mistaken.”

More than anyone I know, Jim Rickards has thought about what the death of the dollar might look like.

Jim literally wrote the book on it… called The Death of Money: The coming collapse of the international monetary system.

Inside, Jim explains (with more thought and detail than anyone before him) exactly how the U.S. dollar could ultimately collapse, and what that collapse will look like.

[ad#Google Adsense 336×280-IA]It all starts innocently enough, with what I’ve been calling the Bernanke Asset Bubble…

The Bernanke Asset Bubble began when the Federal Reserve cut interest rates to zero and started printing trillions of dollars to prop up the U.S. economy and prevent prices from falling (deflation).

“The fact that central banks are pursuing inflation [by printing money], and cannot achieve it, is a gauge of the persistence of the underlying deflation,” Rickards says.

The Fed “believes that deflation can turn into inflation,” Rickards explains in his book. But it’s a delicate balance – and this is where the trouble can start: “Money printing in the cause of defeating deflation may result in a loss of confidence in the fiat currency system.”

Once the confidence is lost, Rickards explains, “there is no way to reconstitute it; an entirely new system must rise in its place… Very likely, a new system will be needed, with a new foundation that can engender confidence.”

What path will the demise of the dollar take?

Rickards says “the dollar’s demise will take one of three paths”…

1. World money
2. A gold standard
3. Social disorder

Let’s look at each of these scenarios…

1. World money

A process of creating a “world money” is already underway…

The money is called SDRs – or “special drawing rights” – and it’s created and administered by the IMF – the International Monetary Fund. Rickards explains how SDRs could take over, and that the dollar’s weight in the SDR “will be reduced in favor of the Chinese yuan.”

Rickards suggests that this switch towards SDRs might not be gradual. It could “play out in a matter of months, light-speed by the standards of the international monetary system” in the next crisis.

In his book, Rickards highlights the dangers of this scenario, where much of people’s retirement savings could be wiped out.

2. A return to a gold standard

A return to a gold standard “could arise from extreme inflation, where gold is needed to restore confidence… or extreme deflation, where gold is revalued by governments to raise the general price level.”

In either case, the price of gold would be much higher than it is today.

3. Social disorder

Reading this section of his book was fairly scary. Rickards says that “social disintegration is not predictable,” but “the official response is.”

In short, expect government oppression… As Rickards says, “order comes before liberty or justice.”

In The Death of Money, Rickards paints a scary picture… I don’t know if he will turn out to be right or wrong. But the book is seriously thought-provoking… To me, Rickards paints the clearest picture of what is possible, along with what to do about it.

Today, we quickly covered some possible scenarios from Rickards. Tomorrow, I’ll share with you what to do about it…

In the next essay, I’ll show you the five things that Rickards says you should do with your money so you can come out ahead in any of his three scenarios.

Until tomorrow…

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Source: Daily Wealth