These Shares are a “BUY” Right Now

There are only a few investors who I’m always excited to hear from. Jim Rogers happens to be one of them…

Jim co-founded the legendary Quantum Fund with George Soros… And they generated a 10-year return of 4,200%. That’s easily one of the best long-term track records in history.

Today, Jim is interested in a place you’ve probably never considered. You might even think it’s crazy to invest there.

[ad#Google Adsense 336×280-IA]But I agree with Jim. And I think we have a shot at 75% gains over the next 12 months.

One of the most impressive things about Jim Rogers is that he’s not afraid to go anywhere in the world to find a great investment.

He wrote two books about his travels: Investment Biker and Adventure Capitalist. (They’re both fun, easy reads.)

Jim appeared on a recent episode of Stansberry Radio to talk about where he’s excited to buy right now…

As he told my colleague Porter Stansberry, he’s “very keen” on investments in Myanmar and North Korea…

But his top idea right now is Russia.

This is a turnaround for Jim. He says he’s been bearish on the country since he first visited it in 1966. And he still thinks the country’s president, Vladimir Putin, isn’t a model leader. “He grew up in the KGB. He took control in a silent coup with the KGB. And he has been running the place like a KGB thug…”

Jim might not like Putin… But he believes he may be trying to turn his reputation around. And that’s good for investors…

“Maybe [Putin] doesn’t like being treated as a KGB thug.” Rogers says. “He understands there has not been great prosperity in Russia in the past few years… I have the view that international capital is welcome in Russia. And if you go there and you invest, you will find opportunities.”

Jim’s also excited because he sees Russia as a hated opportunity. Longtime readers know that I LOVE a hated investment. And Jim believes that’s what we have today…

“Everybody hates Russia for many good reasons… including me for a long time. That’s usually a place that you should look, when people hate a market. And so I am looking.”

Jim is looking at all kinds of opportunities in Russia… including stocks, bonds, and currency. For the first time in his life, he’s actually excited about what he sees.

I completely agree with Jim’s views. And I recently laid out the Russia story for DailyWealth readers here.

In short, Russia is dirt-cheap… trading for less than six times forward earnings. That’s nearly 70% cheaper than U.S. stocks!

From these levels, I believe we could make a 75% return in Russia over the next 12 months. And importantly, we have a simple way to invest… the Market Vectors Russia Fund (NYSE: RSX).

RSX is an easy-to-buy fund that holds a few dozen Russian companies. It’s my favorite way to invest in Russia and it’s currently a “buy” in my True Wealth newsletter.

Jim Rogers’ track record speaks for itself. He’s one of the world’s greatest international investors. And today, he’s doing the unthinkable and looking at Russia.

It might seem crazy… but I agree with him. Russia is so cheap that we have a realistic shot at 75% gains in 12 months. And we can easily make the trade through shares of RSX.

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Source: Daily Wealth