A “Once in TWO Generations” Investment Opportunity

“This is a once-in-two-generations opportunity,” my friend Peter Churchouse writes in the latest issue of his investment letter…

Importantly, this opportunity “has the potential to protect you against the inflation that central banks are creating, and it could provide your cash-flow safety net in retirement.”

When Peter talks about a once-in-two-generations opportunity, I listen…

[ad#Google Adsense 336×280-IA]You see, Peter has seen more fantastic investment opportunities in his lifetime than just about anyone…

He was head of research for Morgan Stanley in Asia based in Hong Kong when emerging markets were just coming into vogue decades ago.

When I started out in this business in the early 1990s, I read his research every week.

Today, Peter is (in my opinion) one of the planet’s foremost experts on property investing.

In short, not many people have ever seen firsthand as many great investing opportunities as he has.

I’ve never heard Peter so fired up…

In the latest issue of his Asia Hard Assets Report, Peter pounds the table on property…

He says that central banks like the U.S. Federal Reserve “WANT house prices and inflation to rise.” And you should take ’em up on that. Central banks have cut interest rates to levels “I have never seen in my lifetime, and will probably never see again.”

Peter has an excellent global perspective on property. (He’s actually a New Zealander living in Hong Kong, who spent most of his career with an American company.) When looking around the globe, he says: “Americans are luckier than most. It is the only major country I know that offers fixed-rate mortgages for 20-30 years, now at record-low rates. It does not get better than that.(Emphasis mine.)

He believes that inflation will kick in two to three years from now… And “today’s buyer will be sitting pretty, paying an interest rate way below the prevailing rate in the future… AND possibly enjoying a rising rental income as inflation rises and the economy recovers.”

Peter is incredibly optimistic about real estate. He says:

Many western nations are at or close to the bottom of their real estate cycles. This current environment marks the beginning of a multi-year up-cycle in a great many western property markets that will see prices regain their previous peaks and surpass them.

Meanwhile, he believes cash is a terrible place to be. He says:

I genuinely believe that sitting back on cash and doing nothing will prove financially disastrous for middle-income families.

In short, by cutting interest rates to near zero, central banks around the world are “destroying cash-based retirement nest eggs but encouraging you to hold real estate hard assets.” Don’t fight that… go with it!

With property prices this cheap – and with the government printing money – Peter actually encourages you to:

1) Buy a SECOND property.

2) USE LEVERAGE with property purchases today (by leverage, he means borrow money).

He says you can use “a little debt to grow an asset and an income stream” in real estate. He’s not talking about a huge amount of debt… “Far too many investors in real estate get tempted to gear up hugely and often end up losing everything… Don’t over-reach.”

Again, in his lifetime, Peter has likely seen more great investment opportunities than just about anyone else. If he’s THIS fired up today, you should seriously consider following his lead…

If Peter is right about the next couple years, you haven’t missed it yet in property at all… We likely have YEARS of good times in the property markets ahead of us.

I can tell you, I fully agree… Buying property is exactly what I have been doing with my own money.

You should seriously consider doing the same… Buying property (particularly in America) is – in the eyes of the best property analyst I know – a “once in two generations” opportunity.

Don’t miss out on it.

Good investing,



Source: DailyWealth