My friend, don’t miss out…

I realize I have been pushing you on this idea all year… but I have a good reason.

I’ve been pushing this idea because it is probably the best investment most American households can make right now – with the potential for huge, tax-free gains and extremely limited downside risk.

[ad#Google Adsense 336×280-IA]As of this month, the numbers actually confirm what I’ve been writing about…

The latest numbers are out, and existing home prices are up 10% year over year – the largest jump in home prices since 2006. (New homes, a much smaller portion of the market, are up 4.9% year over year.)

There’s no denying it now. The real estate market is improving. The uptrend has started.

Now is the absolute perfect time to buy a home.

One of my favorite indicators for tracking what’s going on in housing is homebuilder confidence. My favorite measure of this just rose to a five-year high this month… This number has more than doubled since September.

Homebuilders are becoming more optimistic because the sales are coming in… For example, luxury homebuilder Toll Brothers just reported a 14% increase in bookings from a year earlier.

Meanwhile, home prices are cheap, cheap, cheap! Homes are more affordable than at any time in American history…

The median home price in my home state of Florida now is just $144,350. At current record-low mortgage rates (3.79%), that translates into a monthly payment of $671 a month. (That’s principal and interest.) Unbelievable!

If the median household earns $48,000 a year (to keep the math easy here), that’s $4,000 in income a month. Surely, with $4,000 a month in income, the median Florida household can afford a $671 house payment on a median home.

This relationship between income and monthly house payment is what I mean when I say housing is more affordable than ever in America right now.

All year, I’ve been telling you that you need to get out there and buy a home, if it makes any sense at all for you. Right now, the numbers are finally showing what we’ve been waiting for… Things are getting less bad (at the very least). This is the lowest-risk, highest-reward moment to get in…

• You have the value – housing is more affordable than ever.
• Things are getting less bad. And…
• Now, finally, we have the uptrend.

This is it…

If you want to “catch the bottom” in real estate, then today is your day.

It’s here.

The bottom will be in your rearview mirror very soon, if it isn’t already.

So if you have any possible need for a new home, and you want to get it at a rock-bottom price, don’t wait…

Today is your day. Now is your moment. Go out and get your dream house, at the best price it will ever sell for, right now.

Good investing,


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Source: Daily Wealth