“I’m too worried about the [fill in the blank] to invest.”

Last night, I gave a speech about investing to 100 or so business leaders.

The albatross showed up.

“I’m too worried about the government/politicians/debts/deficits/to invest,” the attendees said.

My response to them: “Get that albatross off your neck!”

[ad#Google Adsense]I’m sorry. But I’ve heard this stuff for my entire career. My friend, there’s ALWAYS a reason NOT to invest. It’s incredibly easy NOT to invest.

It’s much more difficult to puff your chest out, hold your head high, set your fears aside, and put your money to work.

It’s not just you with an albatross. It seems that half the Wall Street legends end up with an albatross they just can’t shake…

“The dollar is going to hell…”

“An oil crisis is coming…”

“The deficit will bury us…”

“I’m waiting for the mother of all crashes before I buy…”

Wall Street legends have been saying these things for years. Some have been saying them for decades. It’s true.

But the thing is, these guys missed it

They whined all through the ’80s that the deficit would crush us. Their albatross was the deficit. But those guys missed the greatest bull market run in the history of the stock market… from 1982 to 2000.

Maybe these legends were just protecting their reputations. They’d made their fortunes, and maybe they were subconsciously finding a reason to protect their fortune.

You can always find an albatross… something to hide behind… a reason to not invest. But not investing is foolish right now.

Think about this. It’s simple. We have a one-way bet right now…

We have a set of conditions in the stock market that could cause an extraordinary boom in 2011. First, the Fed has set interest rates at zero and is pumping money into the economy. Second, many sectors of the stock market are cheap.

I expect we could see a Nasdaq-in-2000 style runup in stocks in 2010. My True Wealth readers will be on board. Will you?

You’re welcome to pick your albatross and sit on the sidelines. You have plenty of albatrosses to choose from – the dollar, the debt, the deficit, politicians, the potential for war, Europe’s meltdown.

Nobody will fault you for not investing. Meanwhile, you won’t make any money.

I say, figure out what your albatross is – it will always keep you from investing – and SHED IT. NOW.

In a zero-percent world, you can’t sit on the sidelines.

The way I see it, the Fed is set on creating asset bubbles. Do your part and hop on board. You could make a heck of a lot of money. If you protect your downside risk by using trailing stops, you’ll be fine.

So which is it going to be? Will you sit with your albatross on the sidelines forever? Or will you puff your chest out and invest right now?

My vote is to find your albatross, shed it, and get on board and ride the Bernanke Asset Bubble.

Good investing,

— Steve Sjuggerud

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Source:  Daily Wealth