Subscriber Testimonials

Bernadette P.
 Thank you for this offer. Bob and I are amateur stock investors; we appreciate having free access to information. Some of the paid sites have not been helpful! Thank you again! 
Jacques D.
 Your investing advice is most welcomed... rest assured that even if you do not hear from us on a regular basis, your recommendations and information is very highly appreciated. Thanks again. 
Erk E.
 Dear DTA: I like your newsletter. 
John M.
 Your CACI trade was a great call! I am long and up nicely with a trailing stop to lock in profits set. Thx. 
 I really like your daily trade alert, but today the list of banks I appreciate more than anything you have sent me. I have saved it. Thank you so very much. There are so many voices out there. Not many that do not have a hidden agenda. Thanks again. 
Sue F.
 I really like your site. I know right away what you are talking about without having it hidden WAY down the page. 
Wilma C.
 I am totally impressed with your note this morning. 
Vincent N.
 Now THAT was a newsletter! 
Cecila K.
 In the last few days I read an article on writing covered calls on JNJ. For the life of me... I cannot find that article. Will you please direct me to the day or issue or email me some way to find it? I'm sure it was on Daily Trade Alert, which I really enjoy. I own JNJ and this is worth thinking about some more. 
Mike D.
 Good letter. I enjoy your info, thanks. 
 As long as I see DTA in my e-mail I'm a happy person. 
Angela H.
 I enjoy reading your Daily Trade Alert and find the information very useful. 
John N.
 I'm grateful to be on your daily email list. Your comments are always quick to point, and well written. Keep up the good work. 
Steven J.
 Your info is great. Thanks. 
David H.
 I have been receiving your Daily Trade Alert for a short time now and have found it to be quite informative. 
 I love Daily Trade Alert... thanks so much. 
Peter S.
 I really like and appreciate your straight way of presenting investment assistance. Thank you! 
Robert R.
 Many thanks. I greatly enjoy and appreciate the newsletter, which is quite unique. 
Mary W.
 I love reading your reports and I have already learned quite a bit. 
Carol D.
 Great service for stock advice and recommendations... 
Eddie Z.
 I usually do not reply to newsletters — but yours is a pleasure to read. No B.S. -- just clear, up-to-date news. Thank you! 
John C.
 Thank you for the service and information you provide. You have a first class program here. Very informative, very refreshing. Thank you, wish I would have found your resources sooner, tired of all the pump and dump sites. 
Greg C.
 Not only is your content excellent, and shared honestly and candidly, with a realistic and transparent tone... but I really enjoy your fast page loads. I use high speed Comcast, but your pages: Wow Fast. Unlike sites like I am also not interested in stock ideas for day trading, just GOOD QUALITY COMPANIES, that I can enjoy owning, and sharing a gain with, over the years to come. Anyhow, thanks. 
Mike D.
 Love your articles -- best I've ever read for free and not asking for some subscription to your service. I love the collection from many experts. Don't stop. Love it. 
Eleanor K.
 I have to compliment you on your Daily Trade Alert service. Most newsletters dangle a carrot in front of you for the next best investment but then ask for money for a subscription to get the details on what they are talking about. I'm glad you don't.