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This Stock Yields Almost 6% and Looks 14% Undervalued at Recent Prices [video analysis]

The company is a high-quality business with a tremendous record for paying shareholders a huge and growing dividend. Their ability to continue doing that could very well improve moving forward, yet the stock’s recent price action apparently discounts much of this. But short-term volatility is often a long-term opportunity, and this stock appears 14% undervalued on top of a market-crushing yield of almost 6%. If you like your dividends big, and you want them to get bigger every year, this dividend growth stock should be on your radar.

Undervalued Dividend Growth Stock of the Week: JM Smucker Co. (SJM)

This company has some of the world’s most recognizable and popular food, coffee, and pet brands. It has an enviable share of market in a number of key categories, and it’s positioned very well for business improvement and growth acceleration. With the possibility that shares are 7% undervalued on top of a near 3% yield, this is a high-quality dividend growth stock that should be strongly considered for long-term investment right now…