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Undervalued Dividend Growth Stock of the Week: PepsiCo Inc. (PEP)

Undervalued Dividend Growth Stock of the Week by Jason Fieber

This stock is basically a cash cow, which is why it’s a major position in my personal portfolio. Almost 50 consecutive years of dividend raises, a yield closing in on 4%, a recent dividend increase of over 15%, and the possibility shares are 22% undervalued means this is one of the most compelling long-term opportunities for dividend growth investors in the market today.

Jason Fieber’s FIRE Fund – May 2018 Update

Jason Fieber's Dividend Growth Portfolio

The FIRE Fund is my real-life and real-money dividend growth stock portfolio. I call it the FIRE Fund because the portfolio allows me FI/RE (financial independence/retired early). It provides me an opportunity to live a blissful job-free existence that promotes time over money, passions over paychecks, and value over prices. With this in mind, today I’m going to go over any and all stock buys and/or sells from the last month.