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This Stock Yields Almost 6% and Looks 14% Undervalued at Recent Prices [video analysis]

The company is a high-quality business with a tremendous record for paying shareholders a huge and growing dividend. Their ability to continue doing that could very well improve moving forward, yet the stock’s recent price action apparently discounts much of this. But short-term volatility is often a long-term opportunity, and this stock appears 14% undervalued on top of a market-crushing yield of almost 6%. If you like your dividends big, and you want them to get bigger every year, this dividend growth stock should be on your radar.

Undervalued Dividend Growth Stock of the Week: JM Smucker Co. (SJM)

This company has some of the world’s most recognizable and popular food, coffee, and pet brands. It has an enviable share of market in a number of key categories, and it’s positioned very well for business improvement and growth acceleration. With the possibility that shares are 7% undervalued on top of a near 3% yield, this is a high-quality dividend growth stock that should be strongly considered for long-term investment right now…

Reader Mailbag: “I’m 60 years old. I want to pay off my mortgage of $96,000. I need a plan to do that.”

If paying off your mortgage is your primary goal, my best advice would be to instead focus on lifestyle choices in terms of trying to generate excess cash flow that can be directed toward paying off the mortgage. Said another way, it would likely behoove you to investigate your budget in order to see if there’s some wasteful spending. If there’s fat in your budget, trimming it could result in extra cash flow (that you didn’t have before) that could benefit your goal.

Reader Mailbag: “I’m trying to make money for retirement. I also want to purchase land and real estate.”

Many of us want to secure our financial future and retire comfortably. And many of us want to own real estate, too. What’s really amazing is that you could potentially kill two birds with one stone. There’s an investment strategy out there that allows you to build the wealth and passive income necessary to retire comfortably – even retire early – and also own a slice of real estate without the associated headaches…