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These 3 Stocks Could Double Before the End of 2016

September 9, 2016

They look attractive on a risk to reward scale and they have near-term catalysts…
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Stocks to Buy and Sell for a Clinton Presidency

August 17, 2016
White House

This is how I'm preparing for an election that I can't wait to be over...
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These 3 Stocks Are Rewarding the Patient Investor

August 16, 2016

If past investments are a guide, they are early into the runs to get back to their fair value...
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These Four Stocks Could Outperform the Market in the Second Half of 2016

July 11, 2016

They are just a few ideas for investors as we head into the back half of the year...
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3 Undervalued Stocks with Heavy Insider Buying

June 26, 2016

These gems just popped onto my radar…
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These Six Stocks Could Outperform This Summer

June 2, 2016

Four of them are undervalued as standalone entities but also make logical acquisition targets…
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3 Safe Dividend Stocks with Pristine Balance Sheets

May 30, 2016
Protecting money

These companies carry no debt, pay yields above 2%, and have the financial flexibility to weather any economy…
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These Two Stocks Look Undervalued and Offer Yields of 3%-Plus

May 21, 2016

They look like safe picks in the current market environment…
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These 3 Stocks Look Attractive at Current Levels

April 26, 2016

I picked up a few shares of one of them last week...
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Insiders Are Buying These 3 Stocks

April 8, 2016

I already own two of them and I’m going to take a small stake in the third...
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