How much does your Daily Trade Alert newsletter cost?

There’s no cost whatsoever! DTA is free today and forever. You can access all our services and alerts on our website without restriction.

What’s the catch — how can you offer your services for free?

There’s no catch. We’re able to offer our services for free in a similar way that your local news station can offer you the news for free: we run ads to fund operations. So instead of charging you a subscription fee for our work, all of our operations are funded by advertisements. In other words, our advertisers pay us so you don’t have to. To help you learn more about our business model, please watch the short video below.

Why do you need my email address?

You can access the majority of our content on And you do not need to give us your email address for this. However, if you would like to receive our alerts by email each morning, we’re happy to send them. Most of our readers find it’s more convenient to receive a daily alert from us by email rather than proactively checking our website for the latest alerts. It’s up to you.

Can I receive Daily Trade Alert by mail?

Unlike many other companies in our industry, we don’t publish anything in print. That means no magazines, print newsletters or newspapers. Instead, our newsletter is published 100% in digital format and made available to you on and/or by email.

We realize this may not sound as fancy as a company that actually prints its market analysis and delivers it to your house in hard copy, but in our business, it actually makes a lot more sense to keep things 100% digital. There are plenty of reasons why, but here are the two biggies:


Digital Format = a FREE Subscription for You: By publishing our newsletter online and sending it out through email (instead of by post), we avoid significant publishing and delivery costs. In fact, the amount that we do pay to for our website hosting and email delivery service (roughly $60,000 per year) is covered by the ads we run. That means we don’t have to charge you at all for a subscription — it’s 100% free. On the other hand, imagine all the costs we’d have to incur (and pass on to you in subscription fees) if we had to print and mail our newsletter to you 365 days a year! Hopefully you can see why it’s such a benefit to keep our service digital!


Digital Format = Timely Alerts: The other big advantage of keeping our service digital is that we drastically reduce the time it takes to deliver our analysis. As you know, stock and option prices are constantly changing… and in some cases, what is breaking news today may be old news tomorrow. For the shorter-term trade opportunities we publish, any kind of delay can be costly and have a direct impact on your profit potential. With this in mind, by the very nature of delivering our newsletter online and by email (instead of snail mail), you’re getting investment ideas and trade alerts almost immediately after we publish them. For example, from the moment we hit the “send” button for our daily newsletter, the most current issue of Daily Trade Alert will typically arrive to your inbox within just 30 minutes. Compare this to how long it would take if we had to design/format a newspaper or magazine, send it off to the printer, and then have it bulk mailed and delivered by the U.S. Post Office. By the time you’d receive our “alert” you will likely have missed the boat!