Dividend Aristocrat Genuine Parts Co
This dividend aristocrat has increased their dividend for 67 consecutive years. How’s that for reliability? But the best part is it’s finally in the cheap buy range for value investors.

This stock is going to be oriented to people who are looking for reliable, predictable, and safe long term dividend income and dividend income growth.

In this video, Chuck Carnevale, a.k.a. Mr. Valuation presents a detailed analysis of Genuine Parts (GPC) with long-term dividend income and growth potential. He discusses the specific investment strategy to consider and provides bonuses on three additional stocks for viewers interested in higher total returns. Those three dividend stocks are Autoliv (ALV), Lear Corp (LEA), Magna International (MGA).

FAST Graphs Analyze Out Loud Video

— Chuck Carnevale

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Source: FAST Graphs