I’m happy to announce the launch of Dividends & Income Select, a premium service offered by Daily Trade Alert and in partnership with Seeking Alpha which delivers investment ideas and analysis on stocks, options, and other sources for growing income.

To celebrate the launch of Dividends & Income Select, we are offering a limited-time price on annual subscriptions that is 31% below our regular price. Details of the offer are at the end of this article.

Why We Are Introducing Dividends & Income Select

Investing for income is a popular topic on Daily Trade Alert and Seeking Alpha. Our new service will provide insights, guidance and examples for income-focused investors.

Despite the subject’s popularity, some investors and advisers deride investing in equities for income. “Rational” investors are supposed to be indifferent to dividends and think of them as irrelevant.

Everyone on our team is passionate about how we invest, and we all share investing for income as a primary goal. We’re not indifferent to dividends and income.

However, and this is key, we represent a variety of approaches suitable for a spectrum of investors. We believe not only that there are an infinite number of valid, rational investment goals among real people, but also that there are numerous effective paths to fulfilling such goals.

Our service will serve the needs of a diverse set of investors pursuing their own financial goals by presenting real portfolios (not models and back tests), combined with in-depth analysis covering a wide range of strategies, tools, and techniques to invest for income and growth.

Who We Are

While I (Dave Van Knapp) have the privilege of authoring this announcement article, Dividends & Income Select is really a team enterprise. Here’s our team.

Dave Van Knapp. I have been writing about investing since shortly after I retired in 2001. I enjoy explaining financial principles and activities in plain English. Before becoming serious about investing in the late 1990s, I spent a few years as an engineer, then went to law school and spent the bulk of my working years in legal and professional publishing. I have written eight e-books on dividend-growth investing, hundreds of articles for Daily Trade Alert, Seeking Alpha and other outlets, and posted more than 50 investment videos on YouTube.

Mike Nadel. Mike, who holds a B.A. in Journalism from Marquette University, is a retired newspaper sportswriter. He began writing about investing in 2012 and became a prolific writer and commenter on Seeking Alpha. His Dividend Growth 50 project was a popular fixture for years. Mike has authored hundreds of investment articles for Daily Trade Alert, Seeking Alpha and other newsletters, along with several YouTube videos.

Jason Fieber. Jason has been writing about dividend growth investing since 2011. He used the dividend-growth strategy to go from being in debt at age 27 to financial independence at 33. Jason is a passionate investor aiming to help and inspire others who are on their own journeys to achieve financial independence by living off of safe, growing dividend income. In addition to hundreds of articles for various outlets, Jason has posted more than 400 investing videos on YouTube.

Greg Patrick. Greg is the CEO of Dividends & Income Select. He has extensive experience in this kind of endeavor as he is co-founder of three other investment newsletters (one of which is Daily Trade Alert), plus an income-oriented YouTube channel. Greg invests primarily for income, with a focus on dividend stocks, short-term rental properties, and selling stock options. He will write about the latter for our new service.

Christian Phillips. Christian is a seasoned real estate professional. He founded his own brokerage and property-management firm in 2020. Christian will share his experiences and insights into investing in real estate for current income.

What Do You Get?

Dividends & Income Select will present content based on dividend stocks and funds, as well as stock options and real estate.

Because we have produced so much content over the years, we have pre-populated our new service with an archive of articles and videos. It’s a new Investing Group, but it will be useable from the very start as an ongoing operation.

We have two cornerstone features:

Real portfolios – We have three real stock portfolios, funded with our own money. Through descriptions of purchases, sales, and portfolio reviews, we cover overall strategies, stock selection, specific trades, portfolio construction, and portfolio management. We present our transactions and results in detail.

Analysis – Our analysis comes in multiple forms, such as: High-yield stock analyses, dividend-growth ideas, portfolio updates, fund comparisons, real option income trades, and sector/thematic ideas, with a specific focus on real estate.

Real Portfolios

As mentioned, we will cover three real-life portfolios. Some of you are familiar with them.

My public portfolio, the Dividend Growth Portfolio, is moving to the new service. It has been in operation since 2008, and I will keep it going in its new home. Without adding any new capital since inception, the portfolio has more than tripled in size. It also has an unbroken string of annual dividend increases since inception. Its yield on cost (that is, yield based on the original investment) has surpassed 14% per year.

Mike’s Income Builder Portfolio will start anew in our new product. We think that our members will be interested (and may be fascinated) to watch the construction of a brand-new portfolio. Greg will fund the portfolio with $1,000 per month, and Mike will make two purchases each month. Mike will do his best to repeat the success of the original IBP, which surpassed its original goals well ahead of schedule and has been retired.

Mike’s portfolio for his grandkids, the Growth & Income Portfolio, will move to the new product. This portfolio illustrates a crossover point on the investing spectrum where growth objectives predominate over income. Ultimately, Mike hopes to generate tens of thousands of dollars for his grandkids to use when they reach college age (more than a decade from now). Many readers have goals where growth predominates over income, and they can easily extrapolate Mike’s activities to their own needs.

In-Depth Analysis

As for analysis, we also will provide a spectrum of material helpful to a wide range of investors.

Jason Fieber will present comprehensive monthly discussions of high-yield stocks selling for attractive prices.

My analytical articles will focus on my favorite subject: Dividend-growth stocks and funds. Many of these will be deep dives into particular stocks and funds, while other articles will examine opportunities within economic sectors or among stocks that share a common theme.

Practically all of our portfolio updates will discuss a purchase of one or more stocks or funds. Mike will be making two new-money purchases per month in the Income Builder Portfolio on behalf of Greg. I reinvest dividends monthly to purchase more shares in my Dividend Growth Portfolio.

Mike also will have an article per month on his Growth and Income portfolio, where his choices will include some stocks that do not even pay dividends.

Greg will publish articles about his real option trades. He will describe the trade, “instant income” received, pricing, and how he expects the trade to work out. The following month, he will report what happened and introduce the next trade.

Christian Phillips is an expert in real estate, having founded his own brokerage and property management firm. His monthly articles will describe and analyze various aspects of investing in real estate for income.

To see complete publishing schedules, please visit our detailed product description here.

Our Approach

Members will find that we follow several overriding principles that help make investing easier and more effective.

We describe what we do and why we do it. Each of us has chosen investing methods to suit specific objectives. Our experiences have taught us that every investor is different. Therefore, we do not preach that a particular investment is best for everyone, nor do we criticize other approaches. Rather, we report what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Optimize overall performance. Optimization is personal to each investor. The best approach for Mike’s grandkids may not be suitable for Greg, Jason or Christian (in their 40s), and in turn their optimization may be sub-par for the oldest member of our team, which is me. I’m in the RMD phase of my life. Every investor has their own “sweet spot.” Investing optimization goes beyond mere wealth maximization to consider risk, portfolio volatility, dividend safety and growth, time horizon, personal comfort levels, and the reliability of returns.

Let the power of compounding work for you. Do not interrupt it unnecessarily.

Always consider risk. Stay within your risk tolerance. Define what risks are important to you, based on your own goals. Eliminate the risk of investing in stuff that you know nothing about by staying within your circle of competence. Our competence is in dividend stocks, dividend funds, growth + income opportunities, stock options, and real estate,therefore we stick to those topics.

Be business-like. Each investor is running a business, even if the “headquarters” is your bedroom or cell phone. Know your goals and make decisions that help achieve them. Execute trade decisions only after due consideration – not haphazardly or under crowd influence. Do not chase what other people do (or say they do).

Is Dividends & Income Select Right for You?

We have given a lot of thought to who will benefit from our content. We think that our most satisfied subscribers will be self-directed investors interested in long-term success.

That does not mean that you may not work with an investment or financial advisor. It does mean, however, that you’re probably disciplined, analyze facts carefully, and are not afraid of the stock market. If you do not already understand the power of compounding, we will demonstrate it for you.

Dividends & Income Select is focused on generating income and growth from equities, options, and real estate. Many dividend-growth investors see themselves as getting rich slowly. Many also see dividends as cushioning market downturns, thus helping themselves stick with their long-term plans and avoid panic-selling.

We think that our real portfolios, thorough analyses, and actual trades will help many investors “settle down” and become more effective in the long run.

How to Get Started Special Introductory Offer

It is easy to get started with Dividends & Income Select.

Annual Subscriptions for Charter Members – Introductory Price

For the first month (Jan. 23 through Feb. 23, 2024), we’re offering annual subscriptions to Dividends & Income Select at an introductory price. During this period, an annual subscription sells for just $240. (That translates to $20 per month.)

That’s a significant discount of about 31% compared to our regular annual price. And as long as you keep your subscription running, that will be your permanent price. You will not be subject to future price increases.

Regular Annual Pricing After Introductory Period

After Feb. 23, 2024, our regular annual price will go into effect, which is $350 for the first year, paid upfront. We think that’s still a good deal, but obviously our Introductory Price is far better.

Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions are available at $50 per month. That price is in effect from the beginning; there’s no introductory discount.

Free Trials

We’re also offering a two-week free trial subscription. This gives you access to all the features and content of Dividends & Income Select, so you can try it out and see if it is right for you.

The free trial is 100% risk free. It allows you to explore the service in its entirety to see if it matches your needs.

If, after a few days with a free trial, you decide that you want to subscribe, you can still get the special Introductory Price of $240 for an annual subscription if you sign up on or before Feb. 23, 2024.