I am pleased and excited to announce that I, along with a small band of like-minded investors, are launching a premium investing service in partnership with SeekingAlpha today, January 23, 2024.

The new service — Dividends & Income Select — is about investing for income and growth through the ownership of stocks, stock funds, REITs, options, and real estate. (We do not plan to cover bonds or other forms of fixed income.)

The main focus will be on dividend-growth investing.

Here is who is on the D&I Select team:

Mike Nadel — Mike will start a new version of the Income Builder Portfolio (aka the IBP). $1,000 per month will be invested into the IBP, equating to two ~$500 stock purchases each month. This portfolio is getting built from scratch, starting with its first purchase on January 26 (and post-purchase article getting published January 29). Mike will also move his more growth-oriented Growth & Income Portfolio to the new service.

Jason Fieber — Once a month, Jason will profile an attractively-priced high-yield dividend growth stock.

Greg Patrick — Greg is the CEO of our new venture. (You may know Greg as the co-founder of Daily Trade Alert, Dividends & Income, Trades Of The Day and a YouTube investment channel that Mike, Jason, and myself have been contributing to for years.) In addition to running things for the new service, Greg will report on real option trades that he executes to generate “instant income.”

Christian Phillips — Christian owns his own real estate brokerage and property management firm. He will be providing insights on investing in real estate for income and profits.

Dave Van Knapp — I am moving my public Dividend Growth Portfolio (aka the DGP) to the new service. I will also be contributing analytical articles covering analyze dividend-growth stocks and funds, along with educational articles to help newcomers and experienced investors too.

The service is open for business right now.

For one month, we will be offering D&I Select to “charter members” at a greatly discounted price. That gives everyone time to try it out free for two weeks and still be able to qualify for the discounted price.

Mike, myself, and the rest of the team hope you will give D&I Select a try, and if it seems like a good fit for you, we would love to welcome you as a charter member. Click here to learn more about Dividends & Income Select.

— Dave Van Knapp