Over the past few weeks, I’ve been diving into industries that investors often overlook in order to find the best profit opportunities. Today, my gaze falls on one of the most taken-for-granted business sectors in the market: the consumer beverage industry.

It’s obvious why we don’t really think about the beverage business – it’s all around us, all the time. Pretty much everybody engages with that industry every day. But that ubiquity makes it a very stable market with serious growth potential – estimates are that the United States beverage market alone will reach more than $64 billion this year and could go north of $112 billion by 2027.

Safety-focused investors have long considered the two big names, Coca-Cola Co (KO) and PepsiCo, Inc (PEP), as solid “blue chip” stocks, along the same lines as Ford Motor Company (F). But stability doesn’t always mean you’re going to see the best appreciation potential over time, especially when there are so many emerging trends in the industry coming from smaller companies who are taking advantage of high-growth sectors in their market.

And the beverage industry has a lot of those right now, from an increased demand for flavorful “mocktails” for the non-alcoholic crowd, to plant-based and dairy-free drinks, to enhanced water and fitness beverages.

That makes it a prime target to find good companies showing strong positive trends that are worth owning. In this week’s Buy This, Not That, I re-evaluate some of the big names to see if they’re really worth holding onto and point the way to some companies you may not realize are a solid buy.

It’s all in the video below:

— Shah Gilani

Source: Total Wealth