Ever since the Fitch credit downgrade of the United States a couple of weeks ago, we’ve seen a market pullback that’s slowed the generally positive trajectory we’ve been on all year.

Because I’m still anticipating that we’re looking at the first stages of a long bull market, for me this represents the opportunity to go looking for dips to buy and lock in good companies at great prices that’ll appreciate when things kick back into gear.

But there’s another outlier I’m also watching – companies that seem immune to the market’s flagging momentum and are continuing to ride higher. And there’s one stock in particular that seems well-nigh unstoppable right now.

As of this writing, it’s up over 212% year-to-date, and pretty much every time it’s seemed like it was about to take a hit, it’s pushed past and gone even higher. Now having joined the ranks of trillion-dollar market cap companies, it’s continuing to fly high even as the market falters.

One reason for this is because of what analysts are anticipating when it reports earnings next Wednesday. Consensus estimates suggest that the company’s EPS growth for last quarter could represent an astonishing 425% year-over-year increase. If they meet that, the stock will keep pushing higher. If they beat it? Hold onto your seats.

While normally I would wait for a dip on a stock like this and look for an ideal level to buy in at, on this rare occasion I’m going to tell you not to wait. I don’t think this stock’s coming back down anytime soon, and you don’t want to miss out on the rocket ride it’s on.

So check out this video for the ticker:

— Shah Gilani

Source: Total Wealth