Artificial intelligence “bots” have passed final exams from the elite Wharton School of Business and the United States Medical Licensing Examination.

They’ve created entire video games — and did so “in minutes.”

They even helped a South Carolina surgeon perform the very first A.I.-assisted hip surgery.

Each of these achievements made a splash — and made headlines.

And each triggered “what if” and “what’s next” questions — and feelings of wonder and intrigue.

Folks just can’t get enough of A.I. right now.

Want proof? Check out the data from our friends at LikeFolio:

There’s an irony here: You’ve got a technology that’s ignited the most emotion in years; but one of its greatest benefits may be with investing, where it excises almost all the emotion out of the equation.

And when it comes to investing, emotion — greed and fear — can be a killer.

Greed — by staying in a stock too long.

Or fear — not buying when stocks or other assets are out of favor, and therefore super cheap.

In contrast, A.I. is emotion-free. And it “learns” as it evolves.

Like our trailblazing A.I. program called An-E, short for Analytical Engine.

It’s powered by advanced machine learning and has the power to produce extraordinarily accurate stock predictions a full month in advance.

We launched An-E several months ago and have spooled up a big win rate.

And that makes you a winner.

It’s a new way of generating income, using A.I. to identify short-term wins — and to be able to repeat this over and over and over again.

If you can get into a cadence where you can average about 1% a week, that’s an annualized equivalent of more than 50% (52% to be precise).

Think about it: That gain of 52% is the same as packing more than four years of average annual returns into a single 12-month stretch.

That’s a true “edge.” That’s how you get ahead.

And we’re going to give you a taste of that power today with a brand-new stock pick right from John Jagerson and Wade Hansen, the trading experts who run TradeSmith’s hot new Predictive Alpha franchise.

In Predictive Alpha, we’ve combined the A.I. power of An-E with the real-world “special sauce” acumen of John and Wade, experts on options, currencies, and other tradeable assets who are also best-selling authors.

And we want you to sample this power with a brand-new stock pick directly from this strategy…

A “Super Software” Stock
The stock our system brought you is (AI), a Redwood City, Calif.-based A.I.-software company with a global reach.

Company CEO Tom Siebel recently said that the A.I. “hype” was triggered by very real momentum — he says it will soon be a $600 billion addressable market. recently changed its business model to better capitalize on this. In December, the company shifted its pricing model from subscription to consumer based. That’s good for the company (and its shareholders) since the more the software gets used, the greater the revenue potential.

Our experts like what they see.

“Look, the information-management-services industry has been a growth segment for a few years,” John told me. “But now we’re seeing a focus shift toward machine learning and A.I. to find new ideas, new opportunities and new areas for profit. In its newest iteration, is making new progress in using A.I. to maximize these opportunities, which helps explain buying momentum and its appearance as a Predictive Alpha stock pick.”

John’s right:’s A.I.-enabled software can be configured for all sorts of different businesses. It can detect fraud, fine-tune high-speed networks, fix supply chains and balance inventories, and make customers more energy efficient. It can even be used to ferret out money laundering.

It was trading at about $41.55 as we put this report together for you [on July 31].

The target projection is $45.09 — for a potential gain of 8.5% over the 21-trading-day window.

It’s a sample of what the A.I.-powered Predictive Alpha strategy can do for you.

And it’s a special opportunity: The stock of an A.I. company chosen by an A.I.-based algorithm.

Let us know how you like it.

— Keith Kaplan

Source: TradeSmith