If you want to make fast profits… consistently… day after day… year after year… no matter which direction stocks are moving…

There’s only ONE chart pattern you need to know.

It generates tens of millions of dollars in profit opportunities…

And the gains can come in 15 minutes. Sometimes even quicker.

This pattern gets formed hundreds of times every single trading day.

And I’m willing to bet you’ve never used it.

But today… I’m going to reveal to you what it is… how to find it… and how you can start profiting off it – starting immediately.

Best of all… it’s the simplest chart pattern you’ll ever see.

Keep It Simple
All those complex chart patterns… like RSI, MACD, Fibonacci retracements…

Sure, they work sometimes. But they’re so complicated that it’s impossible to keep them straight.

What I’m about to show you is much easier to understand.

You don’t need 10 flashing screens. You don’t need hundreds of indicators. This single chart pattern is much simpler to identify.

And much, much more profitable.

For instance, it recently led me to a 54% gain on Roku (Nasdaq: ROKU) in four minutes and a 121% gain on Walmart (NYSE: WMT) in just over an hour…

That’s right… Walmart, the bluest of blue chip stocks. This simple chart pattern could have doubled your money – within one hour of being formed.

Yep, this chart pattern works on everything. Tech stocks. Blue chip stocks. Even gold, biotechs and everything in between.

Name a stock… any stock… and you can use this simple chart pattern to get the chance to make instant profits.

It’s called the “W” pattern.

And it looks like this…

Here’s how it works…

You have the bears, who push the stock down to the first support level. At this point, the bulls support it and the stock bounces higher. The bears push it down again… and the bulls support the stock again at the same level.

When the bulls trigger this second bounce, that’s when the “W” is formed.

Now, this doesn’t tell you anything unless the bulls are able to push the stock past what I call the “free and clear” indicator.

Once the bulls do that, then you know they are in control. And that’s when you make your trade.

Let’s look at a real-life example…

Big Gains in Minutes
Following our recent software trading tool launch, we confirmed a perfect setup.

On November 21, the tool identified a “W” formation on discount retailer Dollar Tree (Nasdaq: DLTR).

Here is a screenshot I took…

The stock was trading at $162.50 at the top left corner of the “W.” The bears pushed it down to the $159.50 level, but the bulls supported it and the stock bounced up to $161. The bears came back and again pushed it down… but the stock got support from the bulls at the same $159.50 level and then bounced back up.

There are your two confirmed support points.

As soon as the stock crossed the $161 level (the entry level based on my unique settings), that meant you’d hit the “free and clear” indicator to make your trade.

The “W” was confirmed, and the bulls were in charge.

And you can see once the stock got past $161, it kept going – all the way up to $163.

The result? A 1.3% gain on the stock in just 15 minutes.

But using my options trading strategy, you could have seen a 24% gain in 15 minutes.

Both the November Dollar Tree $160 and $165 calls (expiring on the 25th that month) could have handed you gains as high as 24.00% or 24.54% while this “W” pattern played out.

Mastering this one, single chart pattern could help you make fast profits – day after day.

Yes, it’s really that simple.

— Bryan Bottarelli

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