FAST Graphs Tutorial: Utilizing the Historical Graph to Analyze a Stock

FAST Graphs Tutorial Historical
How to analyze a stock with FAST Graphs. In our last tutorial (link below) we illustrated all the many features that the historical graph provided. In this follow-up tutorial, my focus will be on interpreting and analyzing the data to assist you in making more learned buy, sell, or hold investing decisions.

As you watch this tutorial may we suggest that you keep the old adage: “statistics do not lie but statisticians are darn liars” at the forefront of your mind.

To be clear, many times investors will interpret statistics like low P/E ratios, high dividend yields, and other pieces of the raw data to assume a stock is cheap or expensive. Yet in reality, statistics are always relative, and therefore, should always be analyzed relative to other important factors.

In this video we will show how the dynamic nature of FAST Graphs differentiates it from most of the research tools. As a result, this provides evidence and insight into why we call FAST Graphs “a tool to think with.”

We would also like to add that utilizing FAST Graphs to analyze a stock is essentially about enhancing the value of your common sense. In short, the FAST Graphs historical tool not only presents time-tested valuation formulas and algorithms, but simultaneously provides a simple back-test of sorts.

Therefore, it augments the user’s ability to apply – and perhaps more importantly – interpret common sense realities. Note that most of what you see on the historical FAST Graph is historical, and therefore, factually accurate. Consequently, the user is provided real-world evidence of the veracity and the reality of whether or not they are seeing valuations that make sense, are realistic, and actually apply under real-world circumstances.

In summary, it is an accepted principle that any task, no matter how difficult it is, is always easier to accomplish when possessing with the proper tools. We believe as common stock investors FAST Graphs represent an essential tool that every investor in common stocks should have in their arsenal. As I often state, I cannot even imagine investing in common stocks without the insightful benefits that FAST Graphs provide.

— Chuck Carnevale

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