The age of artificial intelligence is almost here. Machine learning and automation technology is getting better and better. Everybody already knew that machines can do physical tasks. They’ve been assembling cars for decades. Soon, they’ll be driving them all over the world. But now we have new A.I. generated image software. It’s still in the novelty phase, being used to assemble funny pictures for people to laugh about on social media.

It won’t stay there forever. A true general artificial intelligence is maybe a decade away at this point. I’m talking about an AI that can replace humans in entire systems or industries.

I mean, even something as specialized and high-minded as painting a picture will soon be done by a machine. Soon, they’ll even be doing it well – better and cheaper than a human artist working by hand. And it won’t stop there. The bottom line is this: if you can describe your job, you stand a good chance of losing it at some point in the future. A machine will take your place.

And I’m not immune to this – no exceptions here. Here is my job; to choose which investments have the best chance of making the most money. That’s a description. It’s been great, but it can’t last, now when somebody or something will create some kind of learning machine that has the entire Internet inside its brain.

I use information to make my financial calls. I search for it. I research it. The kind of AI I’m talking about will have all that right at hand, able to access it instantly, as easily as a human calls up a memory. There’s no way I can compete with that. There’s no shame in admitting it. I won’t even try.

But, because these huge, earth-shaking changes are going to take place on blockchains, there are going to be immense opportunities in digital assets because of these changes.

I’m getting ready now – and I’ll tell you how in a second.

To Cash In, Own What AIs Need Most

These are going to be AIs capable of intelligently updating themselves to improve performance. In a world where every investor’s trades are chosen by a machine like this, competition in investing will end forever. They will be smart enough to improve themselves, including copying any system that outperforms the others.

That means that investing payoff will strictly be a function of starting capital. At that point, I think we’ll have so much wealth in our society thanks to AI that we’ll be able to make sure nobody goes hungry and everybody has their needs met, but the chance to strike it rich will be history. Everybody’s investments will be as perfect as they can possibly be, so whoever starts with the most money will end up with the most money.

But let me be clear: this is future world. It’s a ways off. The time to get started is now. If you want to retire comfortably – paradigm shifts like the A.I. singularity and mundane hazards like inflation be damned – you need to make that money before robots take over almost every job that exists today.

Ironically, those robots are the same opportunity to make that money. A.I. is going to be such an earthshaking disruption to the economy that anybody invested in the right A.I. platform early enough is going to see themselves making the last new fortune to ever be made on this earth before the computers lock everything in place.

The blockchain will be where these intelligences operate, and the computing firepower requirements will be like nothing we’ve ever seen. Cryptocurrencies, specifically AI tokens on these networks, will be in-demand like never before. Most AI coins right now trade for anywhere from a few cents to a couple of bucks, but those days are numbered… and the clock’s ticking fast.

I’m upping my AI crypto exposure to as much as 20% of my portfolio. If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll know that’s a significant step for me to take, but I’m convinced I’m right. If you feel the same way, do likewise.

— Nick Black

Source: American Institute for Crypto Investors