The Stock with the Best Balance Sheet

If you are looking for safety when buying stocks, consider stocks with strong balance sheets, and Alphabet (GOOGL) has one. For example, when a company has more cash than debt, it is highly unlikely the company will go bankrupt. In order to find such a stock you could always just Google it.

However, you can always just look at Alphabet which is the conglomerate that represents Google, YouTube and other growth stories.

In this video, I will discuss the most important considerations regarding investing in growth stocks. Although growth stocks are generally considered riskier than, for example, blue-chip dividend growth stocks, the rewards from investing in them can be substantial. I will reveal the key to successful growth stock investing in this video and reinforce in future videos in this growth stock series.

Furthermore, I will answer the question of whether (or not) Google, a.k.a. Alphabet, is an attractive investment at current valuations.

FAST Graphs Analyze Out Loud Video on GOOGL:

— Chuck Carnevale

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Source: FAST Graphs