3 Dividend Growth Stocks on Sale

1 for growth and growth yield

1 for moderate yield with the growth kicker

1 for current high income

Dividend growth stocks are a preferred way for many prudent investors to invest. However, dividend growth stocks are not all the same. Some are excellent choices for long-term total return. Others are excellent choices for current income and future income and growth. While others offer high yield.

These are just a few of the many variations that dividend growth stocks provide. On the other hand, regardless of what objective a given dividend growth stock is most appropriate for, valuation is always a primary concern.

When you are investing for growth, income, or combination of both, it is always critical to only be willing to invest when you can purchase a stock at an attractive valuation. This is the only way that prudent investors can participate fully in the operating success of the dividend growth stock to choose.

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— Chuck Carnevale

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