This Electric Vehicle Stock is a Better Buy Than Tesla (TSLA)

Tesla versus Cummins

If you are looking for an attractive value investment opportunity in the EV market, then check out Cummins Inc. (CMI). Not only does Cummins provide the growth opportunity to participate in the green revolution, it provides a fast-growing above-average dividend yield as well.

Unlike Tesla and most EV companies, Cummins has a long history of profit and dividend growth. Perhaps most importantly, Cummins is an A+ rated Dividend Challenger dividend growth stock with a streak of 11 consecutive years of dividend increases.

The company has a pristine balance sheet, and both operating cash flow and free cash flow cover the dividend extensively.

In this video I will review Cummins (CMI), Tesla (TSLA), Plug Power (PLUG), Nikola (NKLA), Nio Inc (NIO)

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