These Two Stocks Are Overvalued

Railroad stocks have a history of double-digit earnings and dividend growth. Union Pacific Corp. and CSX Corp. have produced excellent total returns for its shareholders. Both capital appreciation and dividend growth have exceeded the average stock by a large margin.

As a result of their consistent operating performance, these exceptional stocks have often been available at reasonable valuations historically. However, as the current bull market has matured, valuations for these exceptional investments have become extended and have done so for approximately the last 5 years.

Consequently, although these investments have continued to perform well, the risk of investing in them has become elevated. With this video I will conduct a comprehensive analyze out loud analysis of the fundamental values of CSX Corp. and Union Pacific Corp. Additionally, for perspective I will provide a brief overview of four additional North American railroad stocks.

In this video I will review CSX Corp (CSX), Union Pacific (UNP), Norfolk Southern (NSC), Canadian National Railway (CNI), Kansas City Southern (KSU), Canadian Pacific Railway (CP).

FAST Graphs Analyze Out Loud Video

— Chuck Carnevale

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