How to Build a Dividend Income Retirement Portfolio in Today’s Market (Part 1)

It is hard but not impossible to find attractively valued dividend growth stocks in today’s frothy stock market. Low interest rates have given investors to look to dividend growth stocks for their income needs.

Additionally, this simultaneously resulted in the flight to quality that has driven most of the best-of-breed dividend growth stocks to unattractively overvalued levels. However, it is a market of stocks and not a stock market. Therefore, just because good value is harder to find in this market, it does not necessarily follow that it is not there.

With this video series I am presenting a subscriber request of the process and tools that I utilize to identify attractively valued dividend growth stocks in today’s market. To be clear, the primary focus of this part 1 video will be to illustrate the process I use to identify attractively valued dividend paying research candidates that can be utilized to construct a prudent dividend growth portfolio relative to the individual investor’s needs, goals, objectives, and risk tolerances.

However, although this process will identify attractively valued dividend paying growth stocks, they will not all be identical, and therefore interchangeable. In other words, some of them will be suitable for certain objectives and not others, etc. Nevertheless, the things they will all have in common is a reasonable valuation and a dividend yield.

On the other hand, some of them will have high yield characteristics, others will have lower yield characteristics with greater growth potential – and virtually everything in between. The central idea is to apply common sense to pick and choose the appropriate research candidates to meet the goals and objectives of the individual investor or professional that is putting the portfolio together.

In part 2 we will utilize these research candidates to construct various dividend growth portfolios that meet specific objectives. There is no one-size-fits-all. Nonetheless, in all cases the principles of sound fundamental value investing apply.

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— Chuck Carnevale

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