3 of the Best Tech Stocks Under $15

Tech stocks have been on a tear this year. The Nasdaq is up more than 27% year to date, hitting record highs.

In fact, while the Dow Jones still has yet to recover, tech stocks have played a huge role in the stay-at-home wave during the pandemic.

If you’ve wanted to take advantage of this opportunity, look no further. Big tech stocks like Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) trade over $3,000. But we’re going to show how you can grab a piece of the industry today with the best tech stocks trading under $15.

The leading technology stocks have attracted trillions of dollars of buying power. That has been the biggest reason the markets have gotten back to new highs.

The pandemic has hurt many businesses, but it has been tech’s time to shine, and it did not disappoint.

This is a trend that’s going to continue for a long time. Not only did technology make life bearable during the pandemic, but the ability to work from home also kept us from an economic depression.

It kept us in touch with loved ones. It allowed us to shop for just about anything without leaving our homes.

Without all the technological advances of the last decade, the pandemic would have been much worse.

Investors who owned tech stocks during this mess have done very well. Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA), for instance, is up 415%.

Technology will continue to make the world work better and safer. Things like AI, 5G, robotics, and virtual reality are continuing to make the world better and earn massive profits for those who invest in tech stocks.

And to help you get in on the next wave of tech growth, we looked for smaller, lesser-known tech companies with affordable share prices. That way you have the chance to get in early.

Those investors who find the small tech companies with the potential to become much larger companies can make an enormous amount of money. Searching for smaller tech companies with the potential to be huge winners may be a little more work. But the payoff is more than worth the effort.

Here’s our first small-cap tech stock to buy now…

This Top Tech Stock Is Pandemic-Proof

One of the biggest lessons learned as the coronavirus began to spread is this: If you want to make your business pandemic-proof, you must be online. Endurance International Group Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: EIGI) does precisely that.

It provides small business owners with the tools they need to establish and build their web presence, get found in online search, and connect with customers through social media and e-mail marketing.

Endurance Group has been around since 1997, so it has seen several economic and market crises. The company has grown from 14 employees in 2011 and now has 3,600 people across the United States, Brazil, India, and the Netherlands.

Small business has discovered the need to be on the web and in the cloud during this pandemic. Endurance can help them do just that.

As more companies seek to improve their web presence, demand for Endurance Group will continue to grow. That could send the stock price from its current $6.26 to $9 – a solid 43% potential return for today’s investor.

The Best Small-Cap Tech Stock Under $15

Digi International Inc. (NASDAQ: DGII) develops routers, modems, and remote managers for networking and IoT systems. The company also offers SmartSense, an IoT-based system that allows you to monitor food safety on supply chains.

Digi is already taking steps to make sure it is an Internet of Things winner as 5G rolls out. It has been moving aggressively to ensure the product line is expanding to include 5G cellular-based wireless connectivity.

Digi International systems can be used for an incredible range of solutions. Its monitoring and measuring systems can be used to help build smarter cities. Adding wireless capabilities to medical devices makes critical patient information immediately available to caregivers and hospital systems.

Digi International wireless systems can be used to automate factories and improve the supply chain.

Analysts expect Digi to be a winner over the next year. Most of the analysts following this company expect the stock price to rise by at least 50%. Earnings growth rates are expected to be near 20% annually for the next five years, and that should make the stock a multi-bagger winner for investors who recognize the opportunity this stock presents.

Digi trades for $13.62 a share. All analysts covering the stock give it a buy or hold rating with price targets up to $24 a share. That’d mean a 76% return in just 12 months.

Small-Cap Tech Stock to Buy No. 1: Park City Group

Park City Group Inc. (NASDAQ: PCYG) is the parent company of ReposiTrak Inc., an e-commerce platform that enables users to accelerate sales, control risk, and improve supply chain efficiencies.

Park City is looking to grow at a fast pace by helping companies deal with supply chain challenges. And Park City has done a first-class job of helping businesses, and even government agencies, deal with supply chain issues in the pandemic.

Its MarketPlace platform has seen increased revenue as retailers have used it to search for items like personal protective equipment (PPE), freezers, and more.

Park City also launched the FoodSourceUSA program, providing proprietary supply chain and out-of-stock data to the Department of Defense. It helped address chronic imbalances in the food supply chain caused by COVID-19 and other situations.

The supply chain is going to undergo significant changes when the pandemic passes. Park City will play a big role in improving how products get from the factory to the market.

That growth should result in a much higher stock price. Park City stock currently trades at $4.85. But some analysts give it a high target of $9. That’s around 85% return for investors.

— Garrett Baldwin

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