In his State of the Market video yesterday, Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld shared what he calls “the greatest savings secrets that no one talks about… hands-down my favorite savings and retirement tip.”

It’s a strategy he’s shared with you before – and it’s a solid route to a wealthy retirement that too many savers overlook.

Does this look familiar?

Marc is such a strong believer in the power of a health savings account (HSA) to transform your retirement that he wanted us to ensure it was the first thing his readers ever heard from him.

That’s why your very first email from Marc explained the importance of this special account.

HSAs might sound simple…

Many workers take advantage of their tax-exempt status to slowly fund large medical expenses like LASIK, braces or unexpected emergencies.

But for seniors in particular, there are more benefits to an HSA than meet the eye.

After all, as Marc explains in this tell-all video…

  • In reducing your taxable income, an HSA creates an automatic discount on health expenses.
  • HSAs can also help build a wealthy retirement by preparing account holders for the near $250,000 they and their spouses will spend on healthcare in retirement.
  • Most HSA plans allow holders to invest in stocks and mutual funds, including exchange-traded funds.

This is where the power of income investing kicks in…

Even if you are lucky enough to not need to take advantage of your HSA’s financial benefits for healthcare expenses this year, the money will roll over into next year.

In the meantime, you can use the funds to help secure your health in retirement by holding them in income-generating investments, like Perpetual Dividend Raisers.

Then, let compounding and dividend reinvestment work their magic.

As long as you use the funds to take care of healthcare-related costs, they will never be taxed.

Instead, you’ll create a self-sustaining medical rainy day fund that could change the game in retirement when the healthcare costs start piling up.

You can see why it’s one of Marc’s favorite strategies…

Watch his latest video for all the details.

Good investing,


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