You’ve certainly heard — or noticed — that there’s a shortage of toilet paper in many places, as people stock up on the staple during this coronavirus crisis.

Toilet paper is not the only item that’s selling briskly and sometimes selling out, though — and it’s not even experiencing the strongest sales growth.

Here’s a look at some items that have seen their sales explode, and a few items whose sales have cooled, via the folks at

Skyrocketing sales

These are some of many items that are flying off the shelves.

Remember that a 100% increase represents a doubling, and a 200% increase reflects tripling.


The list is far from surprising, and it reveals how we see our future — cooking at home more, cleaning and sanitizing things, indulging in treats such as coffee and chocolate, working out at home, coloring our own hair instead of going to a salon, and possibly suffering from a cold or something worse. Seeing bread-making machines at No. 2 might seem surprising, but it suggests we’re bracing to prepare more of our food ourselves.

Sagging sales

Meanwhile, lots of other products are languishing on the shelves. A glance at the list below also paints a pretty clear picture: We’re anticipating little to no travel, no trips to the beach or pool, no work clothing and accessories, postponed parties and weddings, and little wear and tear on our cars. The slowing of clock sales is kind of amusing, as many people are having trouble telling what day it is when not working in their usual workplaces or on their usual schedules.


These kinds of statistics are interesting on their own, but investors can use them even more to shed light on industries and businesses that are likely to fare better or worse in this temporary new normal.

— Selena Maranjian

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