This Stock is Hitting New Highs

Today’s chart shows that Americans keep snapping up houses…

Regular DailyWealth readers know Steve is bullish on housing today. Low mortgage rates have people interested in buying homes… but limited supply keeps prices high. That’s great news for homebuilders. And today’s company is the best in the business…

NVR (NVR) is a $13 billion homebuilder and mortgage lender.

You may know this company through its Ryan Homes, NVHomes, or Heartland Homes brands.

NVR beats its competitors by paying only a small deposit up front on land it wants to develop.

It can walk away if times get tough… And when demand is high, it can build and sell a lot of houses.

In the latest quarter, NVR received 5,239 orders for new homes – up 6% year over year – and raked in nearly $1.8 billion in total revenue.

Steve recommended shares of NVR in his True Wealth newsletter back in January… And subscribers who followed his advice are already up more than 40%. The stock is hitting new highs today. As the bull market in housing continues, NVR will continue to benefit…

Source: Daily Wealth’s Market Notes