This Trading Strategy Can Change Your Life

I’m sick and tired of the crap that Wall Street tries to sell every day. Buy and hold, buy annuities, buy whole life insurance, buy mutual funds, use money managers for a fat fee…

The list of ways to separate you from your money is endless.

They love selling you this high-commission stuff because it works… for them!

Here are some cold hard facts instead…

According to Dalbar, an independent organization that evaluates and audits most things investment-related, the average investor in asset allocation mutual funds earned only 1.65% per year from 1986 to 2016. Over the same period, inflation averaged 2.6%. The average investor in equity mutual funds averaged only 3.6% per year.

Step back for a second and think about that.

This was over a 30-year period – a lifetime of investing.

Then these people hit retirement and wondered why the 11% per year that the mutual fund brochure promised isn’t showing up in their accounts!

Sure, there are exceptions, but the numbers above didn’t materialize from thin air.

They are based on actual returns from actual accounts.

Listen, I hate Wall Street, and I hate mutual funds even more.

My experiences have taught me that I can do better than someone pitching me something that they probably haven’t read about or researched.

Wall Street plays the “doctor card” all the time. You didn’t go to medical school, so chances are you’re going to respect and believe what your doctor says is wrong with you.

Similarly, Wall Street expects you to believe its B.S. hook, line and sinker because it knows you don’t have the time to do the type of “research” it’s peddling – except it’s not clear if the guy pitching you the research ever attended one business class!

So here we are. Wall Street lies all the time, and you are the victim of those lies. It’s time to start leveling the playing field by calling it out.

The best way to do this is by learning what the people on Wall Street know… and then learning more than they know.

This isn’t difficult to do. In fact, one of my favorite investment strategies is simple to execute, and I’ve closed out 37 straight wins with it. Not a single loser.

Just recently, I did this with Barrick Gold (NYSE: ABX).

On September 24, Barrick shares were trading for $11.04. Today, Barrick is trading for $13.10 – a nice 19% gain in just a couple of months. I replicated almost every component of the usual Barrick trade, but took most of the risk off the table.

The result? I am up more than 80% on my “special version” of the Barrick trade.

Learning to trade options can change your life. It can transform your portfolio too.

It’s the perfect opportunity for you to turn the tables on Wall Street… and make your money grow wisely and safely.

What are you waiting for?

Good investing,


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