The “Smart Money” Is Flooding into This Marijuana Stock

The market finally caught on to the cannabis revolution, but many are still treating the industry like a fad.

With one cannabis stock in the news doubling in price intraday and giving up all those gains two days later, it’s no wonder the media likens pot stocks to other bubbles.

But they fail to realize that there is real science behind cannabis for wellness and health. Some investors just get a too exuberant when a company releases good news or another state moves closer toward legalization.

Companies in the legal marijuana industry are still developing their long-term business models.

Beyond growing the plant and distributing it to dispensaries, companies in this sector are now building infrastructure, handling legal issues, and performing research on new drugs, foods, and treatments.

As Money Morning Director of Cannabis Investing Research Greg Miller points out, the industry remains somewhat fragmented as it works through its growing pains.

He singled out the traditional marijuana market, which in Canada is worth about $1.5 billion, saying that customers are still experimenting with different strains, different growers and brands, and different cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids are the compounds in the marijuana plant, like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is responsible for the “high” that users get and helps with certain illnesses and pain. Emerging now as an equally valuable compound, CBD (cannabidiol), is where cannabis meets mainstream healthcare.

What ratio of these two compounds will give companies the biggest bang for their buck? What do consumers really want? And what does the wellness industry want, too?

As the cannabis industry matures, companies will follow the paths of many other industries and offer products in many different categories, from “regular” to “light” to “premium.” And as with other industries, it is the premium segment that offers the greatest profits.

Rather than throw darts against a list of marijuana stocks or even buy a generic mutual fund that buys a poorly thought-out selection, Miller thinks it’s important to focus on the companies that will really produce premium products.

This is where the money will be. And this is one of those “premium” marijuana stocks…

Premium Pot, Premium Potential for This Marijuana Stock

His top pick is Supreme Cannabis Co. Inc. (OTC: SPRWF), a premium marijuana grower in Canada. Its 7ACRES brand is now positioned to lead the market for smokable marijuana products.

What’s important about this company is its many partnerships with other growers, primarily lower-grade or commodity growers, to supply premium product to fill out their product lines. With full Canadian legalization just on the horizon – Oct. 17 – Supreme is positioned as a highly demanded supplier.

Partners typically were smaller growers, but now Supreme has deals with larger producers who still feel they need to supplement their lines with 7ACRES. That says a lot for the premium level of Supreme’s products. And it will make a mint for investors smart enough to see through the current hype.

Not only does this give the company a premium allure to command higher margins, but it proves that the market will support specialty growers to power partnerships with other growers and with alcoholic beverage makers. After all, a beer or whiskey company is not going to grow its own cannabis for its infused products.

The key is that any claim made by a grower that their products are premium must be backed up by other companies endorsing them with their wallets. If big cannabis and alcohol companies are buying from Supreme, you can bet that the name Supreme is well deserved.

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Source: Money Morning