I called Bad Cat John last year to buy a product from him.

But he wouldn’t sell me what I wanted to buy…

What? Why?

Don’t get me wrong… Bad Cat John couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful on the phone. He just told me the product wasn’t right for my needs, so he didn’t want to sell it to me.

[ad#Google Adsense 336×280-IA]The product was about $2,000.

He could have easily sold it to me and made a nice profit for himself – after all, he owns the business.

Instead, he chose to give up the sale to do the right thing for me – the customer.

Who does that these days?

I asked Bad Cat John if he would sell me a $500 product of his instead…

He hesitated for a moment.

Then he said “I don’t have that product available now.” Was Bad Cat John going to turn me down again?

He continued… “We are building more of those now. No guarantees… but we should be able to ship in about five weeks.”

I placed my order with him. TWO weeks later – NOT five weeks later as promised – Bad Cat John’s product arrived. The quality was ridiculously high – it was built like a tank. I was impressed.

Who delivers better quality than the customer expects – earlier than promised – these days?

Even though Bad Cat John’s product is built like a tank, one week ago, I did the one thing that you could do to break it.

I accidentally blew it up – literally. Orange sparks and all. It was 100% my fault. I emailed Bad Cat John. I came clean and said that it was 100% my fault. “Sorry about that.”

Bad Cat John told me to ship it to him. He would fix it.

A few days later, I got an invoice by e-mail from Bad Cat, with a FedEx tracking number on it. My Bad Cat product is fixed, and it’s on its way back to me.

Total cost to me? $0.00.

Bad Cat John called it “under warranty.” Bad Cat John offers a lifetime transferable warranty on his products.

Who is this guy?

I will tell you in a minute.

What’s more important is how Bad Cat John does business…

You see, with a few random acts of goodwill on his part, Bad Cat John just created a customer for life… me.

You could look at it one way… and say that Bad Cat John lost a $2,000 sale, and he ate a repair cost that he didn’t need to eat. But I see it another way… John is building what I call “compound goodwill.”

In my opinion, if you can understand this concept and do this right, then you will be incredibly successful in life. The earlier you learn it, the earlier you will be successful. I truly believe that.

In my life, I’ve done my best to treat people better than they expect, while asking nothing in return. Looking back, I think this is the most important thing I’ve done over my life to achieve success, and it has typically cost me nothing (or very little) to do.

When you do this, a surprising thing ends up happening…

The “goodwill” you put out there ends up compounding over time… And people that you have helped in the past (without asking anything from them), often end up returning to you much more than you could have ever imagined going forward.

You might not believe me, but I believe this is powerful stuff… They said Einstein called “compound interest” the most powerful force in the universe. I call the most powerful force of success in my life this concept of “compound goodwill.”

Like compounding your wealth, the benefits of compound goodwill don’t show up right away… But over time, they build up.

Compound goodwill creates a lasting loyalty like nothing else I know of – and like I said, it typically doesn’t cost much, and it’s easy to do.

You can’t always do this, of course… and you can’t do it with everyone you come across, as life gets busy. But you can try.

It doesn’t work with everyone, as I’m sure you know. Some people will take advantage of your goodwill – particularly in Bad Cat John’s line of business, for example.

The secret of making it work for you, I think, is to recognize early on which people will just take advantage of your goodwill. It doesn’t take long to see it, usually. What do you do then? Get away from those people as fast as you can. You are better off expending your positive energy elsewhere.

I think that most people either don’t believe this… or they aren’t willing to “invest” their goodwill when they can’t see the immediate return.

The secret is – and Bad Cat John has this figured out – you can’t ask for anything in return. Somehow, that’s where the magic is. Otherwise, you blow the magic… you blow the goodwill.

Bad Cat John doesn’t know me…He doesn’t know if I’ll ever buy a product from him again… He doesn’t know where the next bit of magic is going to come from thanks to his goodwill.

But how about this… His compound goodwill sure is working today… He not only has a customer for life in me… Bad Cat John is now here in DailyWealth today, reaching a half-million people – all for being a good dude. Who knows where this word will spread for him.

Even if I am wrong about this concept – about doing more for people than they expect and asking nothing in return – it sure is a nice way to go through life.

If you do it right, compound goodwill can create success better at a lower cost than just about anything you can do…

Try it… but give it a bit of time to work… you will see what I mean…



P.S. Bad Cat John, by the way, is John Thompson, the head of Bad Cat guitar amps. If you or someone you know needs a fantastic guitar amp, get them a Bad Cat Cub III – unless John talks you out of it!


Source: DailyWealth