Act III is where you’ll make the biggest money in this bull market…

Longtime readers are familiar with my investment “script”

The basic idea is that Mom and Pop America are about to migrate from ultra-low-interest investments (like cash and bonds) and into stocks. That “Great Migration” will happen in three stages…

Act I is when safe, dividend-paying stocks soar. That has already happened. Act II is when stocks with slightly more risk (like tech stocks) move higher. We’re already several months into Act II.

[ad#Google Adsense 336×280-IA]But Act III is when the REAL money gets made – hundreds-of-percent gains.

And I think it’s just beginning…

Act III is the most speculative part of my investment script…

It’s the part where Mom and Pop America begin to take on bigger risks.

They’re going to buy stuff like emerging markets.

And I believe these stocks are turning around right now.

You see, emerging-market stocks have been in a multiyear bear market. But it appears they bottomed in late June. Since then, we’ve seen big gains in a short time. Take a look…

This makes me think we’ve seen the bottom. And there’s still a ton of upside potential here for one simple reason… emerging markets are crazy-cheap.

Just take a look at how cheap the major emerging markets are today…

Act III is beginning now. Emerging markets are bouncing off multiyear lows. And they are seriously cheap.

Russia, for example, hasn’t been this cheap since 2008. It followed that low by climbing 119% in just 15 months. China is the same story… It soared 83% in just eight months the last time it was this cheap.

Of course, this is a speculative idea. But if I’m right about the start of Act III, our gains could be huge. Triple-digit upside is entirely possible.

From these levels, the next move higher should happen quickly. Don’t miss it.

Good investing,



Source: DailyWealth