These Stocks Could Double Your Money

I did something at the end of 2008 that I’ve never done before… or since…

I took out a home equity line – I borrowed money – to invest in stocks.

I wouldn’t normally do this, of course…

The thing was, the opportunity in certain stocks at the end of 2008 was just too great to pass up…

[ad#Google Adsense 336×280-IA]At that time, I scoured the globe, looking for opportunity.

I found it… I ended up making a large investment in an India hedge fund.

I more than doubled my money – after fees – and then sold.

I owned that India hedge fund for just over a year.

I tell you this story because the stock-market opportunities in emerging markets like India today might just be even better than they were when I bought at the end of 2008.

I am astounded at the values I’m seeing in emerging markets today. The biggest blue chips from Russia to China are trading at less than 10 times earnings and at discounts to book value.

If you want to make triple-digit returns – which you can definitely do in emerging markets – you need to start from values like these.

Obviously, I’m excited about the investment potential in emerging markets…

The thing is, my True Wealth Systems computers tell me that now is NOT the time yet in emerging markets…

True Wealth Systems is a trading service that distills my decades of investing experience into a few dozen computer trading models. And right now, these models say you shouldn’t be in emerging markets in general… In particular, they told us to sell out of India and other Asian markets, like Singapore.

It’s been like this most of the year… I keep trying to buy emerging markets, and the True Wealth Systems computers keep telling me I’m too early.

The computers have been right, and I have been wrong.

Our computers are waiting on the uptrends in these markets before buying.

U.S. stocks are up by double digits percentage-wise this year. But stock markets in many emerging markets are down by double digits in many countries.

Heck, in some of these emerging markets, the declines are accelerating. There is no bottom in sight, yet.

In sum, I have two points for you today:

• Emerging markets are cheap – and triple-digit profits come from buying stocks when they are this cheap. So I want in! BUT…

• We don’t have our uptrend in emerging markets yet. Our True Wealth Systems computers have been right about this, and I have been wrong.

I think you’ll have the opportunity for triple-digit profits in emerging markets very soon… but it’s not time to buy yet.

Good investing,



Source: DailyWealth